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Please check out Martial Management partnerships. Martial Management has teamed up with premier vendors to bring you top quality merchandise and services. Click Here to check out our partner page.

New Yahoo Discussion Group:
You are officially invited to join the Martial Management Yahoo Discussion group. By joining this discussion group, you will be participating in an online community of Martial Management users. Posting to this group will send emails to all subscribers. In turn, you can receive all postings back. As long as you behave yourself and keep your posts on topic, you should get lots of benefit from the group.  There are two ways to join.

You can go to this address Official Martial Management Yahoo group site.

Or you can simply send an email from your account to martialmanagement-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Once the moderator approves you, then you are in. If you don't know what Yahoo Groups is, check out this link. Wiki Article about Yahoo Groups

Video Tutorials:
I have updated the video tutorials and they are now on YouTube.  Click here to open the video tutorial window.  More of these videos will be coming so check back.  Also, if you have an idea for a video tutorial, let me know in the forum.

Please Help Spread the Word
If you are using Martial Management and like it, please spread the word to any other organizations you may be familiar or affiliated with. This is a free service and I want people to use it. Before they can use it, they need to know about it so remember, let everyone in on the secret.

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If you are a user of Martial Management, I am encouraging you to link to MM from your school's website. I am working on a school / organization listing feature and by virtue of the fact that you are in MM, you can participate. All I ask is that you put a link on your website. For more details, Go Here. Thanks and let me know if you need any help with adding the link.

Martial Management Forum:
Please let me know if there are any questions, comments or concerns.  The Martial Management forum is here.  If you used the old forum, then all of that will be gone. The new forum is an updated application and is designated for comments about the live site. Please use this to discuss Martial Management Issues, Bugs and Enhancement Requests.
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If you would like to test drive Martial Management, press the button below to create an organization. If you're school is part of a larger group that is already using MartialManagement, there is no need to create one. Contact your organization administrator and have them add your school to the existing organization.

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